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The Lightwell

The Lightwell is a twelve-suite community dedicated to housing and supporting independent adults with disabilities. It is through our partnership with Community Living BC and Interior Community Services that we are able to offer eleven spots into a comprehensive program that supports these adults live safely, happily, and independently.


The Program

All residents at the Lightwell are participants in the ICS Lightwell program. Program staff support the individuals in increasing their independence while minimizing health and safety risks. 

The program team:
  • Supports the residents in creating goals for independence and inclusion
  • Assists the residents with reaching their individual goals and potential
  • Honors participants’ interests, strengths, needs, and preferences
  • Respects each individual as a valued and contributing member of the community
Girl with mental disability painting with watercolors while sitting by desk
Building communities

individual supports and planned group activities

While supporting individuals’ preference, Lightwell supports the residents in finding and building their community both within the building and the greater community of Kamloops. Through individual supports and planned group activities the program staff will provide opportunities to choose and access:

Community activities
Cultural activities
Social activities
Recreational activities


Our residents utilize the bottom floor of the residential
part of the building, occupying all 12 suites on the floor.

Each suite comes with a kitchen, living space, and accessible bathroom. Our residents have access
to a private community room for their personal

fun, learning and community

Daily Group Activities

In order to create a sense of fun, learning and community, Lightwell runs daily group activities for individuals living in the community. The group participates in activities such as learning important life skills, cooking meals together, movie nights, crafts, game nights, holiday celebrations, outings in the community, and other activities regularly including family.

The monthly calendar of activities is built with the Lightwell staff and participants are guided by their needs, desires, and goals.

In addition to community events and recreation programs, based on the needs and wishes of the residents, support will be offered in areas such as:

  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Personal hygiene
  • Home maintenance
  • Budgeting
  • Meal planning
  • Effective self-advocacy and decision making
  • Family connections
  • Social connections and friendships
  • Community inclusion and involvement

Our Partners

Oncore Seniors Society are the landlords. We ensure that our residents have a beautiful place to live, that is well-maintained and safe.

Community Living BC (CLBC)

 funds multiple supports and services for adults with developmental disabilities and individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. CLBC is responsible for managing our waitlist and matches potential residents with the Lightwell program.

Interior Community Services (ICS)

manages the day-to-day operations at the Lightwell. Their staff are in the building 24/7 to provide support to our residents. It is through their hard work and commitment that the program is successful.


Oncore Senior SOciety

The society started in North Kamloops in the mid-1960s as a men’s boarding house and over time the organization has evolved into the Oncore of today. The society currently has five locations: RiverBend Manor Kamloops (2011);
Mayfair Manor Kamloops (2014); RiverBend Manor Prince George (2018); The Lightwell (January 2022); and Silvercrest Suite (May 2022).

Friends with disabilities shaking hands
Riverbend manor and Mayfair Manor

RiverBend Manor Kamloops (2011)
Mayfair Manor Kamloops (2014)


RiverBend Manor Prince George (2018)

The Lightwell (2022)

Silvercrest Suite (2022)

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